Speciality in Angus Beef

If you buy veal in a store or order a steak at a restaurant-whether it’s your favorite butcher shop or a meat specialty restaurant like Tango Grill-you’re likely to find the “Angus” label on a product on the counter or on the local menu.

The Angus label is often associated with better meat quality, but that does not mean that the Angus meat is healthier than another or that the animal has been raised in one way or another (as is the case with Kobe, for example). In reality, the term Angus is not directly related to the quality of the meat but to the breed of the animal: Angus is a breed of veal raised in a very common way in the United States and Argentina. In fact in Argentina is the most common type of livestock, either purebred or cross-bred.

Carnes Angus Parrilla
Black Angus Parrilla

¿What is Angus Beef?

The term Angus does not imply that the meat of that beef is organic, more natural or of a higher quality than any other type of beef. Angus is the name of the breed of cattle that was specifically raised from Scottish indigenous cattle by a man named Hugh Watson in the mid-19th century. It is believed that almost all live Black Angus cattle today come from the results of Watson’s attempts to maximise the black colour on the skin of these animals. In the 1870s these cattle were brought to the United States and in the 1880s the American Angus Association was founded.

At Tango Grill, because of this we offer a series of meats derived from Angus cattle, which fit into our meat menu, which are an experience for the palate.

What types of Angus beef can we find?

There are two subtypes of the Angus breed, the Black Angus and the Red Angus. However, Red Angus is not recognized by the American Association of Angus and is a breed much more difficult to find both for breeding and consumption. In fact in the USA no breeder is allowed to register their Red Angus cattle with the corresponding label provided by the American Angus Association.

The Black Angus, or more commonly called simply Angus, is characteristic for having black skin and lack of horns. The Angus breed also had a number of advantages in terms of quality and meat production and quickly became a preferred breed by breeders and ranchers to reduce overgrowth problems in other livestock lines and breeds.

Carnes Black Angus
What does Angus beef taste like?

Angus beef is developed with a better entrevetado (the entrevetado is the amount of intramuscular fat) than most other beef breeds. Most people agree that skimming improves taste, tenderness and keeps meat moist while cooking, especially at high temperatures.

In Tango Grill you will find authentic Angus beef of the best quality, so that you can enjoy the peculiarities of this particular product. Now that you know the history behind the adjective Angus, why don’t you come and visit us?