The Argentinean dishes you must try

At Tango Grill we specialize in Argentine food in the purest Creole style. If you were thinking of trying some of the most famous dishes of Argentine gastronomy take a look at our menu or keep reading this post.


Most typical Argentinean dishes

The Argentinean gastronomy is famous for the great quality of its meats, although the great amount of dishes that can be prepared with the Argentinean beef is very varied. Below we present you the most typical dishes of the Argentinean gastronomy so that, when you decide to discover this rich South American cuisine, you know exactly what to ask for.

Meat pies

Meat empanadas are the starter par excellence of Argentine cuisine. Also within the Argentine territory there are different ways to prepare them according to where we are. The most famous Argentinean empanadas are the meat ones, although we can also find in some areas of the country corn empanadas. All these dishes, you can find them in our Tango Grill menu and enjoy the complete gastronomic experience.

The meat pies are the ones you will find in any Argentinean restaurant, also in Tango grill. Since Argentinean meat empanadas can be prepared in a thousand ways, you can find them with meat mixed with spices, with egg, with boiled potato dough, with olives, onion, pepper…

As for the way they are prepared, they can be baked or fried. In the case of fried meat pies, they are much crispier and the ones we prepare in the oven are much more tender and spongy. Some Argentinians usually dip the empanadas in tomato sauce while eating.

Chorizo criollo

The chorizo criollo cannot be missing from any self-respecting Argentinean barbecue and I’m sure if you have Argentinean friends they will make sure there are enough chorizos criollos for all the diners when they go to prepare a meal.

Chorizo Criollo is a fresh sausage prepared with a mixture of pork and Argentine beef seasoned with typical spices and adding some bacon to the mixture to give it that final juicy consistency that characterizes it. Another well known sausage similar to chorizo criollo is called morcilla dulce.

Chorizo steak

The chorizo steak is one of the most typical cuts of meat in Argentinean gastronomy. The Spanish equivalent of chorizo steak is the famous beef tenderloin. The steak is grilled and cut into fat cubes which ensures that it will be very tender and tasty to the palate.

Solomillo Black Angus


Along with the chorizo steak, the vacío is another of the meat cuts that cannot be missing from any Argentinean grill. Unlike the bife de chorizo that has no bone, the vacío has a large part of the bone and is somewhat difficult to eat, although it is a very tasty cut of meat.

Cutting Argentine beef is very similar to what we know in Spain as entrecôte. It’s worth noting that if you go to an Argentinean restaurant, the grillers usually grill the meat quite a bit, so if you like your meat rare, tell the waiter when he takes your order.

Dulce de leche

Dulce de leche is that taste and flavor so associated with Argentine cuisine that it is totally inseparable from it. Dulce de leche is nothing more and nothing less than a caramelized variant of cow’s milk, very present also in other Latin American countries.

The typical dulce de leche is prepared with milk, sugar and vanilla essence. In Tango Grill you can try the classic dulce de leche in several formats.


Alfajores are like the typical candy that your grandmother puts in your pocket without your mother noticing, and for Argentines it is part of their own culture and culinary tradition.

The classic alfajor is a wafer filled with dulce de leche cream and has been consumed in Argentina since the time of the European colonization of the territory. You can’t say you’ve tasted Argentine desserts if you haven’t taken a bite out of an alfajor.

We hope your mouth is watering with all these dishes, if you want to try them you can make your reservation at Tango Grill to enjoy the best Argentine food.